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  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

    Posted by Jason Moy on 4/18/2011 01:14:40 PM

    April showers bring May flowers is a popular phrase that when I lived in Southern California did not mean a whole lot to me. Well now that I truly am experiencing April SHOWERS, I am quite frankly a huge cynic about that whole phrase altogether. But let's all hope that all of this rain really does bring us some beautiful May flowers. So now I think I will give you some things to do in Seattle when it's rainy because that is what I have been occupying myself with lately:

    1. Have a sleepover with great friends where you play Disney Scene It, Charades, Catch Phrase, and make some brownie ice cream sundaes.

    2. Go to Thai food with a good friend and discuss all of the exciting things that you will do when it starts getting nice out.

    3. Have a movie night where you pop some kettle corn and watch any genre of movie that is preferred.

    4. Go to Elliott Bay Bookstore and browse the 'History of Seattle' section and drink your fourth cup of coffee for the day (just kidding, four is too many...)

    5. Run in the pouring rain through Volunteer Park

    If you haven't done these things, then get on it! In other news, Seattle sells the most sunglasses and books out of any city in the country! That's a pretty fun fact right? Until next time, Happy Easter! Spend some quality time with those that you love and be happy that you made it through Lent and are stronger for it! A little shout out to my sister for not drinking caffeine for 44 days, now that is IMPRESSIVE! :)