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    Posted by Amanda Thomas on 12/2/2011 08:52:16 AM

    Yesterday I had my last day of classes for the fall quarter of my senior year! Crazy right? If you are reading this and you are not in college yet, let me be the first (or maybe the second, third, or fourth) to tell you that college FLIES by. It literally is flying by! There has not been one single quarter that I have been like "ughhhhhh, why won't this quarter end?" because it seriously will in a flash. I cannot believe finals week is next week and then winter break! And boy do I need a break! Here are some highlights from my life the past couple of weeks to keep you in the loop.

    1. I went to my very first college football game, a University of Washington Husky game vs. OSU. Huskies got crushed, I was freezing, but it was fun and their last game in husky stadium until 2013.

    2. I went to Target at midnight on Black Friday. I have never gone Black Friday shopping because I used to work at Nordstrom and it basically made me HATE Black Friday shoppers. I think I have spent enough time away from the retail industry now so I ventured out on the cold winter's night. IT WAS INSANE. If you didn't go Black Friday shopping just picture crazy people pushing carts around packed with on sale televisions the size of the Titanic, Xbox's, and movies for $2.99 filling the part of the cart that the child would sit in plus they are all on five hour energies that they passed out free in the parking lot.

    3. I went to our school dance, Fall Ball. It was at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) this year and it was amazing! I have never made it to the SAM before this, so it was great to finally go! I danced the night away, dominated the photo booth with a large amount of my close friends, and just had the best time at my last Fall Ball. I am pleased to say I made it all 4 times.

    4. My house as the most ridiculous Christmas/Hanukkah decorations up. You see, Carissa is Jewish so we have a Hanukkah banner up in her honor as well as stickies that stick to the windows with the Star of David, etc. Then we have a fake baby Christmas tree decorated, lights EVERYWHERE, ornaments hanging from obnoxious colored ribbons, and cardboard boxes wrapped in Christmas paper. It really is quite a sight and if I know you and you are reading this, you should probably come over and see or you probably already have and are quite impressed.

    Well I'm off to enjoy my lovely Friday in Seattle, I'm going to a Christmas concert tonight that's downtown at Bennaroya Hall, yay! Have I mentioned that I am OBSESSED with Christmas? Well I am. Until next time!