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  • So Mandi, what are your plans for after graduation?

    Posted by Jason Moy on 11/1/2011 11:48:30 AM

    If you are a senior (high school or college) you can insert your name into that question and I am sure it will stress you out as much as it does me. Why, oh why, do we get that question about 30 times a week? I understand that you think you care about my post-graduation life, but do you realize that my anxiety peaks when I hear the prefix grad-... No need to finish the word. 

    Sure I can tell you that I finished my Fulbright application to teach English in Thailand starting in October of 2012 for 12 months. Sure that scares the beejeesus out of me and if I actually got the scholarship I would probably have an anxiety attack about actually going to Thailand (where by the way, there is insane flooding so please please keep the people of Thailand in your thoughts). Sure I can tell you that I am applying for grad schools across the country (7 to be exact, nevermind the fact that I have yet to begin applications that are due in two months). Sure I can tell you that I am okay with relocating myself again, but this time across the country to the land of snow and snobs (no offense if you are from the East Coast, but seriously we're better on the West Coast). 

    These are my "plans", notice how I still don't actually have any real plans. These are lines I will give to people because yes, these are the things I am applying for and hoping for, but in reality I have no clue what I WANT to happen. Granted, it's not up to me in my mind, whatever happens will happen and whatever it will be, will be for the best, whether that be Southeast Asia or St. Louis, Missouri.

    I try to imagine myself in exactly one year and try to imagine where I will be, but unfortunately it's not that easy. Wherever I am and whatever I choose to do I know that I will be happy and I just hope that I am surrounded by love and the people I care most about. That's the trick though, because most of my plans lead me places where none of those loved ones are. And that is the truly scary part. But hey, it's only a year right? Seattle will always have my heart and California will always have my soul (despite the fact that I would have to take the GRE to go there, LAME). 

    Despite everything though, I find that in times like these it is best to go to Starbucks, sip on a peppermint mocha, admire my red shiny Christmas cup, and dream of lands I have never been because I know that I am ready. Seattle U has given me the tools to go out into the "real world" whatever that means (hopefully it doesn't mean anything that MTV portrays it as in that lame reality TV show). As cheesy as it sounds, I am ready. For whatever life throws at me next. If it is an acceptance to UW and getting to room with one of my best friends Allie in Wallingford or Fremont or if it is getting accepted to Thailand and immersing myself in an insane year of learning and teaching, I know that I can and will do it and I will love every second.