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  • It's all a balancing act.

    Posted by Jason Moy on 11/29/2010 02:55:08 PM

    Picture this, all of last week having no class due to snow and ice conditions. You have your last week of school this week and finals next week. You have two tests and a paper due this week and two papers and a test next week. Now smile. Because this is my life, not yours! Haha, oh just jokes blog followers, it is not that bad, just your typical pre-finals week. Here are some tips on how to avoid a major freak out: #1 Have lots of coffee and Diet Coke on hand. There are bound to be long nights ahead and it is best to keep the mochas and die-coes on hand. #2 Not procrastinating really is key. If you have a paper due during finals week, start it as early as possible. This way, you can write it page by page. Seriously, stop procrastinating, it is the worst thing you can do and is guaranteed to stress you out hardcore parcore. #3 Rewards. It's all about the treats. After every 10 pages of reading or after every 1 page of paper writing, treat yourself with some red and green colored M&M's or a dance party break.
    We will get through this friends, finals are not that scary when taken in stride. We will get enough sleep (5-8 hours depending on the intensity of work), we will eat enough, and we will have a blast the whole way through. So change your Pandora radio from Ke$ha to Christmas, order yourself a Peppermint Mocha, and turn that stressed out frown upside down! 'Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la...

    Licking Snow

    Catch a falling snowflake, put it on your tongue, and never let it fade away.

    Dear Santa, thanks for the Christmas miracle of snow fall in Seattle. Love, Mandi.

    Posted by Amanda Thomas on 11/22/2010 11:20:02 AM

    Well hey there blog followers! I have one word for you. SNOW.

    After a week of people telling me that it's not going to snow just like the meteorologists said, they were all wrong. We had fall preview day yesterday and while I stood on the lower mall directing people to lunch, there it was...the first snow flake of the season. This morning I woke up and to my delight, the ground, trees, grass, everything, was covered in a couple inches of snow! It is a truly beautiful sight. This morning I took a break and frolicked in the snow with one of my best friends from San Diego. We made our first snow angels and ran around throwing snow balls on each other. The chapel reflection pond is also in the process of freezing, stay tuned for more updates on how that goes :) Unfortunately, school and work must go on, but I will take a break for a warm coffee drink and more snow ball throwing.

    In other news, Harry Potter 7, part 1 was incredible. By far one of the best movies in the series. It closely followed the book and I was super impressed. There were a couple of strange parts in it to be sure, but overall I give it an A+, good work J.K. Rowling and directing team. I have also decided that I might be getting too old to go to midnight showings due to the fact that Lucas, Eric, Amber, and I were definitely among the older folks and we're not even old! Screaming high school girls accompanied us in our row, which got annoying after the twentieth time they got up to go to who knows where, but hey can't have it all right? If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go. Pictures from the night and the snow to come. Until next time, go see Harry Potter, go throw a snow ball, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Go tell someone that you're thankful for them, it'll quite possibly make their day. Gobble gobble.

    Fall Ball, proceed with fun.

    Posted by Amanda Thomas on 11/14/2010 09:45:53 PM

    On this week's blog, the perks of being a Seattle U student, brought to you by Mandi Thomas, a Seattle U student herself. Today we're coming live from her house just 5 blocks off campus!

    #1. Being a three hour ferry ride away from Canada. -Canada, the land of Maple Syrup and Queen Victoria. On Wednesday night there was a spur of the moment decision to take the Victoria Clipper up to Canada for a few days. Good decision on my boyfriend and my part because we had a blast. We frolicked in Beacon Hill Park, hiked along the ocean, climbed trees with peacocks, checked out some Irish pubs, visited Butchart Gardens, attempted the Canadian transit system, and wandered the Canadian Natural History Museum. It only took me 2.5 years to make it across the border, but hey who's counting?


    My boyfriend and I climbing on rocks on the Victoria Coast.

    #2. Fall Ball. -Everyone loves a good dance right? And don't worry, the fun doesn't stop after Senior Prom, you can come to Seattle U and experience it all over again, with a college twist. This year our annual extravaganza was held at the EMP (Experience Music Project), with all of the exhibits open to us and an incredibly addicting and fun photo booth that was a returner from last year's ball. The best part about Fall Ball versus the old high school dance? You don't need a date, corsage, makeup artist, hair stylist, dinner reservation, or anything of that matter to have the time of your life.

    fall ball

    My friends and I at the annual Fall Ball photo booth.

    #3. Quarter system. -Not only do we not start until the end of September, but we end in the beginning of December. While the semester system students are slaving away in the end of August and into mid-December, we roll in fashionably late and make an early departure into our Winter break. So you know what that means? We have only 2 more full weeks of school left. The Christmas Pandora is set, my space heater is plugged in, all of my jackets are at the front of the closet, and it is time for winter. Until next time friends, family, and Redhawks, stay warm, dry, and happy.

    Daylight savings, 20.5 years of participation and still confused...

    Posted by Jason Moy on 11/8/2010 01:33:50 PM

    Hey there friends and future redhawks! I hope everyone had a pleasant week and weekend! We're back to the blogging, which means it's Monday again! Oh Mondays...they really always get a bad rep. I do it, you probably do it, we all hate Mondays let's just be real. I've tried making my Mondays better by starting my day later, in this case 9 AM, but 9 AM gets hard after a Sunday of Daylight savings fall back and sleeping until noon. Daylight savings, now that is a frustrating thing! We all love the fall back though, who doesn't like an additional one hour of sleep? But every year I just get so confused with all of the figuring out what time it is and was and will be. Whoever created Daylight savings time must've had a good laugh at how much he confused everyone.

    Anyway enough about that, my family was in town this weekend! After vigorously cleaning every inch of my house so it was presentable I was ready for their arrival. It was a fun weekend full of good food, lots of shopping, a movie, and just overall catching up. A few highlights of my weekend: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, Cafe Flora's pumpkin pizza and carrot cake, eye candy Robert Downey Jr. in Due Date, teaching my mom how to ride the Seattle busses, and Sunday sunshine. It's always a good time showing people around the city that I love so much!

    This week we only have 3 days of classes, can you say 4 day weekend? 4 DAY WEEKEND!! I am so happy, unfortunately the beginning of my weeks are always the craziest so I just need to make it until Wednesday night and then I'm home free! Until next time...happy Veteran's Day everyone, wear a yellow ribbon to support the veteran's and have an incredible week!

    We sold our clothes to the state, I don't mind, I don't mind.

    Posted by Jason Moy on 11/1/2010 01:50:55 PM

    Well I didn't really sell my clothes to the state, but if you know Sufjan Stevens like I know Sufjan Stevens, then you should know those are some of his incredible song lyrics! And guess who was lucky enough to go see him on Saturday night at the Paramount Theatre, just a fifteen minute walk from my house?! I WAS!! And obviously I don't actually know him personally, I wish, but he sure puts on a great show! I decided he's kind of a weirdo, which makes sense if you've heard his music, but he was hilarious and wore ridiculous white wings the whole night. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. Let's start from where we left off last time.

    This week I had a big midterm on Friday so the whole week I spent prepping for it and going to and from classes and meetings. On Tuesday I got to attend a Grad Fair for Master's in Social Work programs and am slowly narrowing down my choices for Grad schools one by one. Currently the list is small and consists of the University of Washington, Michigan, and Columbia University. I might add a couple more, but we'll see as I complete junior year and begin senior year.

    Anyway, back to the fun stuff! Friday night consisted of relaxation and scary movies. But Saturday was a little more exciting. I walked up Broadway and ran some last minute Halloween errands with my friend Carissa. We saw some outrageous costumes and bought her some outrageous eyelashes. These fake eyelashes had gold glitter in them and were huge, only on Capitol Hill can you find some that perfect for a Ke$sha costume. Then I got ready with my roommates for the night. I went to Fish Fry, a local and delicious fish and chips joint up here on the hill and then walked down to the Sufjan concert! My boyfriend, Eri was the one who went with me to the concert and we saw lots of people we knew there, which made it loads of fun. After the concert we went back to the University District where Eric lives and they had a shindig at his house complete with Halloween decore and great music. We danced most of the night on Saturday, it was the perfect way to spend Halloween.

    And now some pictures from the weekend because I finally learned how to update pictures on here. Get excited blog followers, there will be buckets more to come each week! Until next time...I hope you don't have to canoe outside of your house like we do up here in the great North West. Just kidding, it's not raining that hard...yet...


    My roommate and I getting ready for our Saturday Evening.

    Halloween 2

    Just a casual run in with Willy Wonka and Cinderella.