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Student Vehicle RSVP Approval Form

  • Please note, before filling out the form below, you should have already reserved a vehicle(s) using VEMS. This form is emailed to the office in charge of approving your vehicle usage. This office is also responsible for providing the appropriate budget number to the Transportation Office.
    Requester Information
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    First and Last Name:  
    Seattle University Email:  


    Rental Information
    Renting on behalf of Club/Org/Dept:  
    Other Contact Person:
    *If other not chosen, type N/A 
    Club/Org Name, Event Name, Destination, Event Date & Travel Times:    
    Estimated # of passengers:
    Budget # (that you intend to use)  


    Driver(s) Information
     Driver  Name  SUID


  • SU Van Rental Charges

    Basic Rental: $12.25
    Mileage: $0.55 per mile driven over 25 miles
    Trash Disposal: $50.00
    Penalty Charges: $12.25 per violation
  • Outside Rental Charges

    12- passenger Van:$97.00 plus taxes per vehicle
    7-passenger Minivan: $51.00 plus taxes per vehicle
    5-passenger Car:$35.00 plus taxes per vehicle