Transportation and Parking Services

Ordering Your Permit Online

  • Before starting, you will need:

    • SU ID (refer to Step 2 if you are unsure of your SU ID)
    • SU Email Address
    • Vehicle Information (license plate, make, model, color, and year)

    Step 1: Click on the following link and visit: and click on "<Click Here>"

    iParq Step 1

    Step 2: Enter Campus ID and Email Address.

    Note: If your Campus ID is less than 7 digits, add zeroes to the beginning until it is 7 digits.

    iParq Step 2

    To get your student ID, login to, click on the Students menu, and click "My Profile" under "Academic Profile." Look to "Student ID" for your 6-7 digit ID number.

    Faculty, Staff and Student-Employees:
    To get your Colleague ID, login to, click on the Employees menu, and click "What is my Colleague ID number?"

    Step 3: Click “Add Item” on the product you want to purchase.

    iParq Step 3

    Step 4: Select “Create new account”

    Note: If you have already created an account, enter your login information.

    iParq Step 4

    Step 5: Create your login information. The address you provide will
    be used to mail your permit.

    iParq Step 5

    Step 6: If you are purchasing a parking permit, select your vehicle from the drop down
    menu. If you have additional vehicles, click the “Add Vehicle” if you want to add
    additional vehicles to your account.

    iParq Step 6

    Step 7: Provide your payment information. NOTE: If you are purchasing an ORCA card it
    will NOT be shipped. You will receive an email letting you know when the card
    is available for pick up in our office.

    iParq Step 7

    Step 8: Click “I Agree”

    iParq Step 8

    Step 9: You can print a temporary permit, but will receive your decal permit in the mail.

    iParq Step 9