Transportation and Parking Services

Registering Your Vehicle

  • Before starting, you will need:

    • Seattle University ID number
    • Seattle University Email Address
    • Vehicle Information (license plate, make, model, color and year)

    Step 1: Enter The Permit Store

    Visit The Permit Store and click the "<Click Here>" button under "Permits & Passes."iParq Step 1

    Step 2: Enter your SU ID and SU Email

    Note: If your Campus ID is less than seven digits, pad the beginning with zeroes until it is seven digits in length.RegiVehi:S1

    Step 3: Select "Vehicle Registration Only at Seattle University"

    Click on the "Add Item" button to select Vehicle Registration.RegiVehi:S2

    Step 4: Create an Account or Sign In

    You must create an account if you have never visited The Permit Store before. You will not automatically have an account by your association with Seattle University.RegiVehi:S3

    Step 5: Add your vehicle information.

    Click on the drop box and select "Add New Vehicle." Enter all of your information and click "Add" and then "Continue."


    Step 6: Enter your shipping address.

    Vehicle registration is free, and nothing will be shipped to you. The shipping address will only be used if you purchase a parking permit. Click "Continue" once you've completed the form.RegiVehi:S6

    Step 7: Agree to the Terms and Conditions

    Please read the terms and conditions before clicking "I agree." You can review these parking regulations on our website.
    Upon approval of your registration, which is a confirmation of your enrollment in an ORCA product, your ORCA SOV cards will be issued.


    Your vehicle is now registered with Seattle University!

    This registration will shorten the time it takes you to purchase parking products and helps us contact vehicle owners in emergency situations.