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Transcript and Enrollment Requests

Transcript Requests

  • Using one of options below, you may request your official transcript. Please note that requests are processed in the order that they are received. Unless you have a financial hold, requests are generally processed by our staff within 3 business days (this does not include delivery time). Processing may take up to 5 business days during unusually high volume request periods (e.g. the beginning and end of each quarter).  Please note that we only provide paper copies of transcripts, so we do not fax or email scanned copies. If you would like more information on requesting transcripts, please view our Official Transcript Policy (97-6).  

    Alumni, Former Students & Continuing Education Students

    National Student Clearinghouse

    1. Access the National Student Clearinghouse website
    2. Place your order and pay online using your credit card (transcripts ordered through the NSC cost $2.25 per recipient regardless of the number of transcripts sent to each recipient)
    3. Sign and return the consent form to the NSC

     This option charges a nominal fee for each transcript recipient, however, you receive e-mail confirmations of receipt, processing and mailing.

    Transcript Request Form

    1. Download and print a copy of the Transcript Request Form or pickup one from the Office of the Registrar
    2. Return the completed form, and any documents we are to include on your behalf, to the Office of the Registrar:

    In person: University Services Building, 103
    Via Fax: 206.296.2443
    Via Mail: Office of the Registrar, 901 12th Ave, PO Box 222000, Seattle WA 98122

    This option does not provide process status confirmations. Please use the National Student Clearinghouse process listed above if process tracking is desired.  You may request up to 10 transcripts per quarter at no charge. There is a $5 fee for each transcript over 10.

    Please note: Transcripts designated for pick up will be held for 2 months, after which a new request must be submitted.

    Current Students - Undergraduate, Graduate & Doctoral


    1. Access SUOnline
    2. Select Student Menu
    3. Select Official Transcript request under 'Academic Profile'

    You may track the status of your transcripts via the 'Official Transcript Status' link under the 'Academic Profile.'

    Also, you may request up to 10 transcripts per quarter at no cost. There is a $5 fee for each transcript over 10. If you need additional forms to be sent with your transcript, you must mail or fax our Transcript Request Form with the additional documents.  See below for this ordering process.

    Law Students, Law School Alumni and Alumni of the Puget Sound Law School

    Please request your transcripts directly from the Seattle University Law School.

    NOTE: Requests made by phone or e-mail cannot be accepted.