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  • Accessing

    1. Use the SU LOGIN with your Seattle University username and password. This link works both on and off-campus.
    2. From campus lab computers, click the Computer Training shortcut on the Desktop to access the login page.
    3. On the go! Access from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or other mobile device.


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      Before you send an email, take a look at the frequently asked questions for the library, technical issues, and more.

    2. On-Campus Support  

      Questions answered and problems solved by support at Seattle University during regular business hours.

    3. Contact  

      1 (888) 335-9632
      6am-5pm PST M-F
      7am-4pm PST Sat/Sun

      Fill out the contact form. Emails to customer service and technical support are answered within two business days.