Technology Support

  • Accessing

    1. Use the SU LOGIN with your Seattle University username and password. This link works both on and off-campus.

    2. From campus lab computers, click the SU shortcut on the Desktop to access the login page.

    3. On the go! Access courses in offline-viewing mode from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and Windows 8 PC's or tablets.


    Report a Problem

    1. Your question may already be answered!

      Before you send an email, take a look at the frequently asked questions for the library, technical issues, and more.

    2. On-campus support  


      Questions answered and problems solved by support at Seattle University during regular business hours.

    3. Contact  

      1 (888) 335-9632
      6am-5pm PST M-F
      7am-4pm PST Sat/Sun

      Fill out the contact form. Emails to customer service and technical support are answered within two business days.