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  • SUOnline - Granting Student Provided Access



    Grant access for a designated party to limited portions of your financial and/or academic records

    1. Log into SUOnline and go to your student menu.
    2. Select Student Provided Access, and acknowledge the FERPA information when prompted.
    3. Select or add the person you wish to grant access to and set their access limitations before clicking Submit.
    4. Log out when finished.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Student Provided Access allows students to grant access to limited portions of their financial and/or academic records to one or more designated parties. This feature replaces the previous such tool, ParentLink. ParentLink was discontinued as of Fall 2014.

    Step 1: Go to SUOnline.

    Step 2: Select Students.

    Step 3: Log in using your SU username and password.

    Step 4: Choose Student Provided Access Authorization.

    Step 5: Read and acknowledge the FERPA information when prompted.

    Step 6: Select the types of access you wish to grant, and provide a verbal passphrase and a recipient email. 

    Step 7: Click Submit.

    Step 8: Log out when finished.


    Last Reviewed on: 2015-01-07