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  • Virtual Desktop - Install and Use with Mac OS X



    Download, install, and use Seattle University's Virtual Desktop.

    1. Open your web browser and visit  or click here .
    2. Enter your Seattle University username and password to log in.
    3. Click on the download called View Client for Mac OS X  and install it onto your computer.
    4. Open the program and enter  as the server, and your Seattle University credentials to log in.

    Detail: Step by step:

    The VMware View Client is a Virtual Desktop - it's like logging into a Seattle University Computer Lab workstation from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser. The Virtual Desktop provides students, faculty, and staff with a standard desktop that has specialized software pre-installed. Users can access specialized academic software, print to open lab printers, or access T-drives and P-drives directly from their laptops from home or the residence halls.

    For a list of pre-installed software, click here .



    More detailed instructions for installing and using the Virtual Desktop with Mac OS X are not currently available.


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    Last Reviewed on: 2015-01-07