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  • Microsoft Outlook - Find a Public Folder with a Student Access Account on a PC



    Use your Student Access account to access public folders in Microsoft Outlook 2010

    1. Add a new account in Microsoft Outlook 2010 using your Student Access username and password.
    2. Click the folder symbol at the bottom of the left-hand pane.
    3. Navigate to your preferred public folder.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Public Folders allow shared Outlook inboxes and calendars to be shared by multiple users who have permission to access them. Students using Office 365 accounts do not have access to public folders. Students needing access to public folders must be granted a Student Access Account , and will access public folders through Microsoft Outlook  and the  Outlook Web App  ( 

    This is a guide for students with Student Access Accounts. If you need to create a Student Access Account, or you are a faculty/staff member, please see the related links below.

    Step 1:  Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 .

    SA public folders step 1


    Step 2: Click on the yellow File tab  in the top left-hand corner.

    SA public folders step 2


    Step 3: Click on Add Account .

    SA public folders step 3


    Step 4:  Enter your name, Student Access username, and password.

    SA public folders step 4


    Step 5: Click Next .

    SA public folders step 5


    Step 6:  Wait for Outlook to configure the email server settings.

    SA public folders step 7


    Step 7:  Click Finish .

    SA public folders step 7b


    Step 8:  Click on the folder icon in the bottom of the left-hand pane.

    Public Folders 2


    Step 9:  Click on the arrow to the left of Public Folders.

    Public Folders 3

    Step 10: Click on the arrow next to All Public Folders 

    Public Folders 4

    Step 11: Navigate to your preferred folder.

    Public Folders 5


    Subsequent steps are optional and will give you easier access to your preferred folder

    Step 12: Right-click on your preferred folder and choose Add to Favorites.

    Public Folders 11

    Step 13: Enter a name for the folder and click Add.

    Public Folders 12

    Public Folders 13

    Step 14: Scroll back up to Public Folders and open your Favorites to see your preferred public folder. In the future to see this public folder in your favorites you'll need to click on that folder icon in the bottom of the lefthand pane.

    Public Folders 14

    Step 15: Under Public Folders, right-click on either Favorites or your preferred folder, and select Show in Favorites. This will mean that folder will appear in your default lefthand pane when you open Outlook.

    Public Folders 15

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    Last Reviewed on: 2015-01-02