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  • Microsoft Outlook - Find a Public Folder with a Student Access Account on a PC



    Use your Student Access account to access public folders in Microsoft Outlook 2010

    1. Add a new account in Microsoft Outlook 2010 using your Student Access username and password.
    2. Click the folder symbol at the bottom of the left-hand pane.
    3. Navigate to your preferred public folder.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Students using Office 365  accounts do not have access to public folders. Students needing access to public folders must be granted a Student Access Account , and will access public folders through the Microsoft Outlook   and the  Outlook Web App  ( If you need to create a Student Access Account, please visit this article  for instructions.

    Step 1:  Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 .

    SA public folders step 1


    Step 2: Click on the yellow File tab  in the top left-hand corner.

    SA public folders step 2


    Step 3: Click on Add Account .

    SA public folders step 3


    Step 4:  Enter your name, Student Access username, and password.

    SA public folders step 4


    Step 5: Click Next .

    SA public folders step 5


    Step 6:  Wait for Outlook to configure the email server settings.

    SA public folders step 7


    Step 7:  Click Finish .

    SA public folders step 7b


    Step 8:  Click on the folder icon in the bottom of the left-hand pane.

    Find Public Folders step 1


    Step 9:  Click on the arrow to the left of "Public Folders"

    Find Public Folders step 2


    Step 10: Navigate to your preferred folder.

    Find Public Folders step 3


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    Last Reviewed on: 2014-05-09