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    How to create a Student Access account, which provides students with access to public folders. 

    If you are a student:

    1. Check to see that you are using an Office 365 account by viewing this article .
    2. Contact your faculty/staff supervisor who controls the public folder you need access to.

    If you are a faculty/staff member:

    1. Have your student check to see if they are using an Office 365 account.
    2. Contact the Seattle University Help Desk to request access on behalf of your student.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Seattle University has migrated student email accounts to Office 365.  Email accounts on Office 365 cannot access the  University's Exchange 2010 email public folders.  This is a Microsoft design decision, and prevents students from accessing public folders from their normal account.

    In order to gain access to University public folders, SU students must use a Student Access Account.  Student Access accounts are alternative email accounts, with a separate username and password, and designed to provide students access to University public folders through (Microsoft Outlook 2010).

    If you are a student, ask your SU Faculty or staff sponsor (usually a Faculty club adviser or student worker manager) to contact the SU Help Desk and request a Student Access account on your behalf.

    If you are a faculty/staff member:

    Step 1:  Contact the Seattle University Help Desk

    • Phone: 206-296-5571
    • Email:
    • Walk-up services are available in Engineering 302

    Step 2: Provide the Help Desk with information they'll need to grant your student access.

    • The name of the public folder that your student needs access to
    • Your first and last name
    • The first and last name of the student
    • The student's username or email


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    Last Reviewed on: 2014-05-09