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  • User Account Lockout

    Quick notes:

    • Your SU account will auto-lock after 6 failed attempts, and auto-unlock after 30 minutes.

    • Call the Help Desk (206-296-5571) to have your account unlocked.

    • Keep track of where you store your SU account credentials.  Popular locations include workstations; mobile phones; personal laptops; iPads.

    • When you change your SU account password (and you must – every 90 days – no exceptions) be sure to change it on each device that stores your SU account.

    Detailed Information

    My SU account is locked out. What does that mean?

    Your Seattle University account ( provides access to SU email, SUonline, Canvas, campus wireless, and many other useful resources.  Your SU account is your online SU identity, and should be – must be – kept safe.

    To safeguard your online identity your SU account will automatically “lock out” after six (6) failed login attempts.

    When your account is locked, you cannot access any system that requires your SU credentials (SU email, SUonline, campus wireless, etc).

    That’s… inconvenient.  What should I do?

    If your account is locked out, you can:

     1) Call the Help Desk (206-296-5571) and ask for your account to be unlocked.

     2) Wait 30 minutes, then try to log in again.  Locked accounts will auto-unlock after 30 minutes if there are no more failed logins.

    While you’re waiting, check all of the devices that use your SU account credentials.  Make sure they have the correct SU account information.  Popular credential locations include email and wireless access on your phone, and mapped network drives on home computers.

    If you've checked all your devices before 30 minutes is up, do something that doesn't require your SU account.  Read a book; make a batch of brownies; or call a family member that you never have time to call.

    If your account is still locked out, call or visit the SU Help Desk.

    Why – or how – did my account lock?

    Once your account is locked, a “30 minute lockout window” begins.  After 30 minutes your locked account will automatically unlock without any action required on your part.

    Every failed login attempt resets the 30 minute lockout clock.  If your account becomes locked out, and you – or your phone – send a failed login request after 15 minutes, your account begins a new 30 minute lockout window.

    Speaking of your phone: modern mobile devices allow for constant & automatic connectivity to wireless networks and your email accounts.  This means your device is constantly & automatically sending connection requests.  If your device is sending incorrect login information, your account will be constantly & automatically locked out.

    Three popular reasons for account lock-outs are:

    1. Your password expired, and you used the expired password six times to log on to your SU account.
    2. You changed your password but forgot the new password.  Now you’re using the wrong password.
    3. You changed your SU account password but did not change it on all of your devices; one device is sending the wrong username/password combination, and as a result you’re locked out

    The first two scenarios involve you typing in bad information.  The third involves some device (usually a phone) locking your account.  How does this happen?

    When you add your Seattle University account to mobile & wireless devices (like configuring SU email on your smartphone – doesn't everyone do this?) you are allowing those devices to authenticate to SU resources on your behalf.  If you do not keep your account info updated on that device – for example, if you do not update your password – then that device may generate failed logins and your account may become locked out.

    Your friends in OIT can occasionally identify which device or type of application is causing your lockout.  To find out more, contact the SU Help Desk.