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  • Outlook Web App - Forward your SU Email to a Personal Email Address



    Forward your Seattle University emails to a personal email address in Outlook Web App

    1. Log into your email online and open the Options.
    2. Create a new rule for arriving messages.
    3. In the new rule window choose Forward or redirect.
    4. In the drop-down menu choose Forward the message to people or distribution lists.
    5. In the left-hand pane click on " People or distribution lists " and enter the email of your choice.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Email can be forwarded or redirected from your Seattle University email.  The difference between forwarding and redirecting email is that when forwarded email is received, it will be displayed with your Seattle University email address as the sender.  The email forward feature must be configured using Outlook Web App in Internet Explorer.  This feature cannot currently be configured from an Apple Mac.

    Step 1:  Log into Outlook web access using Internet Explorer on a Windows computer.

      • Visit
      • Make sure that Use Outlook Web App Light is NOT selected.
      • Enter your Seattle University email and password.
      • Click the Sign In button.

    fwd SU email step 1

    Step 2:  Click on the Options button in the upper right-hand corner of the page in Outlook Web Access.

      fwd SU email step 2


      Step 3: Choose  Create an Inbox Rule  from the drop-down menu.

      fwd SU email step 3

      Step 4:  Click on the  arrow next to New  to open a drop-down menu.

      fwd SU email step 4

      Step 5: Click  Create a new rule for arriving messages...

      fwd SU email step 5


      Step 6: Choose the option  [Apply to all message] in the  *When the message arrives, and: drop-down menu .

      fwd SU email step 6


      Step 7: Click on  More Options...

      fwd SU email step 7


      Step 8: Now open the  Do the following: drop-down menu and mouse over  Forward, redirect, or send.

      fwd SU email step 8


      Step 9:  Click Forward the message to...

      fwd SU email step 9


      Step 10: A new window will open. Enter the email address(es) you'd like to forward mail to.

      fwd SU email step 10


      Step 11: Click OK  (This will close the window).

      fwd SU email step 11


      Step 12: Click Save.

      fwd SU email step 12


      Step 13: When or if this Warning window appears, click Yes . Your SU emails will now be forwarded to the email address of your choice!

      fwd SU email step 13

      Last Reviewed on: 2015-01-07