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  • Network Drives - Connect to network drives with a Mac



    Connect to your P-Drive or T-Drive on a Mac OS X computer.

    1. Hold down ⌘ + K  to open the Connect to Server window
    2. Type the file path for the network drive you want to access
      • Student P-Drive: smb://oitfs1/Students
      • Faculty/Staff P-Drive:  smb://oitfs1/Fac-Staff
      • T-Drive: smb://oitfs2/Team
    3. Click the +  button and then the Connect button
    4. Use your SU credentials to log in.

    Detail: Step by step:

    (Pre-requisites):  Prior to connecting to network drives, you will need to establish a connection to the campus network.

    Step 1:  Click on the  Go  menu. 

    • If the  Go  menu is not an option, click on your desktop background to make it appear.

    Network Drives Mac OS X 1

    Step 2:  Select  Connect to Server


    Step 3:  Add your network drives to your  Favorite Servers  list.

    • In the  Connect to Server  window, select the  Server Address: field  and enter your network drive address.
      • For Student P-Drive, type smb://oitfs1/Students
      • For Faculty/Staff P-Drive, type smb://oitfs1/Fac-Staff
      • For your network T-Drive, type smb://oitfs2/Team
    • Press the  button to add the network drive address to your  Favorite Servers.   
    • Select the network drive that you would like to connect to and then click on the  Connect  button.
    • Connecting to Server  window and progress bar will appear.
        Network Drives Mac OS X 4
    • Step 4:  Enter your Seattle University username and password.
    • Your computer will display the name of the user currently logged in.
      • If you are using a Seattle University computer, your Seattle University username should be displayed.
      • If you are using a personal computer, you will need to enter your Seattle University username and password


    Step 5:  The network drive will now be accessible under  SHARED .  You can now access the folder from the Finder or when Opening or Saving documents in applications such as Word.
    Network Drives Mac OS X 6

    Last Reviewed on: 2013-12-05