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  • Network Drives - Connect to network drives with Windows XP



    Connect to your P-Drive or T-Drive on a Windows XP computer.

    1. In My Computer  open the Tools menu and choose Map a Network Drive
    2. Enter the file path for the network drive you'd like to connect to
      • Student P-Drive:     \\oitfs1\Students
      • Fac/Staff P-Drive:   \\oitfs1\Fac-Staff
      • TEAM aka T-Drive: \\\team\TEAM
    3. Check the box to Reconnect at Logon and click Finish

    Detail: Step by step:

    Your T-Drive is a shared folder that you and others have access to. You may need to access your T-drive as a student worker, or perhaps as a student club officer. The P-drive is a personal folder that you can store files on. It provides a space for academic work or whatever else. Forget your laptop? No problem. If you save your work to the P-drive, then you can access it from anywhere at any time with an internet connection.

    Prerequisites: Prior to connecting to network drives, you will need to establish a connection to the campus network.

    Step 1: Open My Computer, click on the Tools menu, and select Map a Network Drive.

    Network Drives XP 1


    Step 2: In the Map Network DriveWindow, pick a letter for your drive (T: is often chosen for Team, and P: for Personal drives), and enter the file path for the network folder.

    Network Drives XP 2

    • (Optional) If connecting from a personal computer, select Connect using a different username.  Otherwise, click Finish and skip the next step.
      Network Drives XP 3
    • (Optional) If you using a personal computer and have chosen to connect using a different logon, enter your username with the seattleu\ format (seattleu\username).  Otherwise, skip to the next step. 
      Network Drives XP 4

    Step 3: The My Computer window will now display your T- or P- drive under Network Drives. 

    If you would like to create a shortcut for fast reconnect, drag the icon for your network drive to your desktop. 
    Network Drives XP 5


    Last Reviewed on: 2015-01-07