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  • Printer - Connect to a network printer on a Windows 7 computer



    Connect to a network printer using a Windows 7 Computer

    1.  Open the Start Menu  and in the search bar at the bottom type a printer path  (Example: \\oitps1\prt457 ) and hit Enter
    2. The printer will install and you can now print to it.

    Detail: Step by step:

    Step 1:  Click the Start Menu   Start  .


    Step 2 : Click in the  Search bar at the bottom of the Start Menu

    W7 Printer 2


      Step 3:  Type in the printer's  file path  and hit Enter (Example of a printer path:  \\oitps1\prt475  ).

      W7 Printer 3


         Another smaller window will appear  

        Test 4

      When this window appears, then you have connected successfully.

      Test 5


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      Last Reviewed on: 2013-11-26