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  • FAQ:

    1. Is financial aid available for summer sessions?

    Any academic courses not part of a summer cohort program are eligible for a 25% tuition discount over general academic year pricing.

    2. Will on campus housing be available for intersession?

    On campus housing has been arranged for Early Start registrants as a group with an assigned RA.

    3. Is there a summermeal plan?

    A meal plan is part of the Early Start fee. Food will be available in the main dining hall in the student center and at satellite locations around campus.

    4. Do I need health insurance that covers summer quarter?

    While Seattle University does not require proof of health insurance for those enrolled less than full-time in summer quarter, it is highly recommended that you do carry your own health insurance while taking advantage of the Early Start program.

    US Residents:

    Early Start students are eligible to enroll as a part-time undergraduate student in the 2012-2013 student health insurance plan underwritten by AETNA. Specifically, students can enroll in a prorated plan that would cover them from June 20th - September 1st when the 2013-2014 plan would go into effect. The deadline for enrolling for summer only is July 20th. the cost of the plan is $275. The link below will connect students to the insurance page of the Student Health Center website. There students can review the 2012-2013 Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure (Part-Time Undergraduates, Graduates and Law) which details the plan and it's coverage. If the Part-Time Undergraduate student is interested in enrolling the the insurance, they may do so by following this link to the Wells Fargo Student Health Insurance page and selecting their status on the menu to the left. If they have questions regarding the enrollment process, they should contact Wells Fargo at 1 (800) 853-5899. Early Start students who will be full time in the fall will need to waive out of or enroll in the 2013-2014 plan.

    International Students:

    International students who participate in Early Start would engage in a similar process, but the international plan is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company. The link below will connect student to the plan brochure which details the plan and it's coverage. The plan runs from June 20th - September 1st. The cost of the plan for summer enrollment is $264. International students will be enrolled in the 2013-2014 plan automatically. If students have wquivalent insurance from another company, they must fillout an Insurance Waiver Form at the International Student Center by the first day of the quarter. For more information on waiving the insurance, students can contact the International Student Center.


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