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Yian Saechao

About Yian Saechao

Yian Saechao graduated from Parkrose High School in Portland, OR. She was president of the senior class and Key Club, captain of the soccer team, a member of the Asian Youth Society and an active fundraiser. Yian took the lead role as Prospero/Prospera in the school’s production of The Tempest. She volunteered for Portland Marathons and the Parkrose Rotary Club and worked part time throughout her high school years. Yian speaks fluent Iu Mien and has choreographed, taught and performed traditional dances at Iu Mien Community events and weddings. She is a member of National Honor Society and Thespian Honor Society.

SU Experience

Yian Saechao is nearing the end of her senior year at Seattle University and she is finding herself taking more time to think critically about her actions, her impact, and how she may change the world. She is currently interning at Middle College High School as an Assistant Coordinator for College and Career. Her work at the alternative high school has enriched her knowledge and skills in preparation to working towards social justice and towards being a conscious contributor to this world. She is also assisting a professor with applied sociological work. Recently, King County council had approved the construction of the juvenile detention center despite major community opposition. In assisting her sociology professor, Yian is gathering information about for a presentation that will take place in late March. Yian continues to care for her family obligations through her time at Seattle University as well as balancing her position as the office assistant in the philosophy department. Yian has gained great consciousness of how the world works and how inequality and inequity is formed within our society and she hopes to find a career where she can continue fighting for socially just and humane world. She is looking into a career that marries her interests in racial justice, health, and education.


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Yian Saechao


Portland, OR

High School:
Parkrose High School

Public Affairs