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Josie Parrish

About Josie Parrish

Josie graduated from Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle, WA, in June 2010. She was a member of treble choir, vocal ensemble, chamber choir, and jazz choir. She sang the lead role in the spring musical production of Ragtime. Josie was a member of Amnesty International, team co-chair of the Prayer and Liturgy Club, and active in Diversity Club food drives and fundraising. She won the Best Presenter award at Seattle University's Albers Business Camp for high school students, served on the Nordstrom Fashion Board, and is a member of National Honor Society.

College Activities

  • Fashion Club, executive fashion coordinator 2010-2011
  • Black Student Union
  • Fashion Club, treasurer 2011-2012
  • “Shirts Across America,” rebuilding houses in Saint Bernard Parrish, New Orleans
  • Invocation speaker, opening of the new Library and Learning Commons
  • Invocation singer, annual Seattle University Gala
  • Children’s Literacy Project, elementary and middle school tutor


Current Interests at Seattle University 


So far I have loved my first year at Seattle University. I have enjoyed getting to know such a diverse group of people with an even more diverse range of interests! I have been pushed academically, spiritually, and socially to discover new aspects of myself and have grown thanks to the help of all my peers and advisors. I really appreciate the emphasis on social diversity across all aspects of the SU community.

I have continued to pursue my artistic interest in fashion through the Fashion Club and am excited to be working with this fairly new club! I founded it to be a great community of people who share a passion for fashion. I plan on continuing to work within the club throughout my time here.

I have recently also gotten involved with the Children’s Literacy Project, which connects college students to local schools to work with kids who need that extra push in academics. It has been great to get to help people within my community and give back. Plus, little kids have such a fun energy that it never feels like work to me!

As I wrap up my freshman year I become more excited with all of my options for traveling abroad. There are so many peers, advisors, and teachers to help with finding programs and funding for traveling abroad (which is such a blessing). It is quite invigorating knowing that soon I will be studying abroad.

I know that I have made the right choice to attend SU, and I look forward to being able to grow and discover much more about myself as I go through all four years being a part of both the SU community and the Sullivan community.

Love&Joy - Josie


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Josie Parrish

Bothell, WA

High School:
Bishop Blanchet High School