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Logan McDonald

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Logan graduated from St Mary's Academy in Portland, OR, in June 2010. She founded the Speech and Debate Club, was an officer and ambassador for Model United Nations, led the Politics without Borders and the Ambassadors Clubs, and captained the Varsity Mock Trial team. She was a founding member of the Human Rights Club and chaired its Poverty Awareness Day. Logan was co-founder of the Foundation for Children's Hope Classic and served as vice president and director of marketing and resources for this annual golf tournament that raises money for pediatric cancer research.

Greetings high school seniors!

It feels like it was yesterday that I was in your position, completely overwhelmed by the choices between early and regular decision, where to apply, how many schools, what scholarships, when I should take the SAT, etc. I remember what it was like: the worries, joys and disappointments. I only have two pieces of advice to give you on the subject.

The first is this: breathe, and take it day by day. Don't worry too much about what will happen in the future because, trust me, it changes drastically from what you think it will be. Take everything one day at a time, wake up and think, what will I accomplish today? Not, where will I be in twenty years?

The second piece of advice I have is to live this process. Now you're thinking, what is this girl talking about? I'm going through this, of course I'm living it! Well, yes, but what I mean is don't passively apply and go through the steps and applications only to achieve a certain end. Applying for college, and especially the Sullivan, is about reflecting on all of the amazing things you have accomplished and meeting other people who have done truly spectacular things. On Leaders' Day, and the Finalists' Day, meet as many people as you can, and ask questions of the faculty and student leaders. This is about you and your accomplishments, enjoy it, enjoy others' accomplishments. You may learn something about leadership and academics you had never thought of before; but more importantly, if you experience this time actively, you'll learn much more about who you are. 

Good luck! My class and I are sincerely so pumped to meet all of you! Feel free to email me with ANY questions you have about the Sullivan and Seattle University. 

Logan McDonald

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Logan McDonald

Portland, OR

High School:
St Mary's Academy