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Meme graduated from Vashon Island High School in Vashon, WA, in June 2010. She sang lead roles in musical theater, played first violin with the youth orchestra, and was co-president of the Vashon Youth Council. Meme was a member of Interact/Amnesty International Club and co-founder and editor of Keeping Current, a world affairs and human rights newsletter. She spent her freshman year in Argentina and did community development work in Nicaragua with Amigos de las Americas. Meme was awarded two drama awards and an award for her international service.

Hola a todos!!!!

Wow, is it really half way through fall quarter already? It feels like just yesterday that I was crawling out of bed at 6:15 AM to go to school and stressing about applying to college. How times flies when you are having fun! First thing first: Applying to college is a crazy feat! All of you should feel proud of yourselves for going through application process (go ahead... give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it). I have a feeling that Seattle University is about to get SWAMPED with a bunch of AMAZING people!

This is difficult to write because I have so much I want to talk about! I know that for me applying for the Sullivan Leadership Award was difficult because I did not feel like a "leader." What is a "leader," anyway? But what I needed to remember, and what you should too, is that everyone is different. A leader is who YOU are. Every person brings something unique and awesome to the table. It was hard standing in a room filled with 300 incredible people and thinking "Woah...why would they pick me???" Don't be discouraged! The Sullivan is not just a list of all your accomplishments, it’s about the bigger picture. They don't just look at your resume, they look into who you really are. My advice for any nervous people out there is to just go with the flow and have faith that you are extraordinary!

After you have applied I want all of you to relax (do not tell anyone I told you to do this) and just sit back and do nothing for a bit. Thinking back, I learned a lot about myself that I did not know before. If any of you have any questions don't hesitate to email me at !!! Or any of the other of my fellow freshman Sulivans (even if they didn't say it WE LOVE GETTING QUESTIONS!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!) I cannot wait to meet the many of you in January. Get ready for a fun ride.


Meme Garcia

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Meme Garcia-Cosgrove

Vashon, WA

High School:
Vashon Island High School

Humanities for Teaching