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Maureen Ojukwu

About Maureen Ojukwu

A graduate of Union High School in Vancouver, WA, Maureen was on the naming and mascot committees at the founding of the school. She participated in basketball, volleyball and track, was active in student government, and served as vice president of the Multicultural Club and the school’s National Honor Society. As a member of the Model United Nations Club, she participated in the Washington State Model United Nations Conference as a delegate representing Nambia. Maureen served as an Ignite Mentor, as a peer math tutor, and as an elementary school home-work tutor. She volunteered at Southwest Washington Medical Center and a community library.


College Activities

  • Connections Leadership Program, participant and peer mentor 
  • Children’s Literacy Project 
  • Black Student Union  
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs, project intern, the 40th Anniversary celebration 
  • First Generation Project, site leader 
  • Treehouse Tutoring Corps, tutor 
  • Orientation Advisor  
  • Diversity, Equity and Education Program (DEEP) 
  • Library Café Name Selection Committee (The Byte) 
  • Student Leaders for the Common Good 
  • Seattle University Youth Initiative Leadership Seminar, student facilitator  

On Academics, and a few other things …

Academics is not exactly the most exciting thing to talk about, but seeing as how you all are about to enter the next stage of your academic careers, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it is a relevant consideration. As much as I grumble, complain, and do all that I can to avoid my schoolwork, I secretly love it. While at Seattle University I’ve been so lucky to have some very engaging and knowledgeable professors, who genuinely care about our well-being as students. I am so very grateful to be a student in SU’s very prestigious College of Nursing because I know that I will be receiving an exceptional education that will allow me to become the best healthcare professional that I can be.  

I can’t believe it’s been a whole two years since I began college. Two years! Where did the time go?! I’m sure that my next two will fly by just as quickly as the last two, and before I know it I’ll be on my way out and graduating. (!) I’ve learned so much about myself in the past few years that looking back, it’s hard to believe that I was as immature as I once was. I began college with a set idea of what my major was going to be and what career I was going to pursue, but after only a few weeks into the quarter that quickly changed.  

To all of you reading this, don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it, because sometimes we all need a change we can believe in. (see what I did there?) College is the time to experiment, learn, and grow into the person you want to be. Back home, where everybody knew everybody, I felt like I couldn’t ever do this. I could never truly be myself because I was constantly being shoved in a box, the same box that had been constructed for me by others when I was 12. Going to college gave me the opportunity to redefine myself and do me. I am blessed to have my fellow Sullivan Scholars as a constant fixture in my life, because my college experience just wouldn’t be the same without them. You all will soon have the chance to start fresh once you begin this new chapter of your life. Take advantage of it!  

Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or comments. I’d be happy to impart any of my wisdom on you :) Best of luck to all of you in the college application process and the years to come!  




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Maureen Ojukwu


Vancouver, WA

High School:
Union High School