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Christopher Clem

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A graduate of Pasco High School in Pasco, WA, Chris served as ASB president and was active in student leadership, serving on the steering committee for the Annual Washington Association of Student Councils Conference and attending the national conference as a state delegate. Chris was acting president of Buddy Club, which fosters an inclusive and understanding school atmosphere by pairing special-needs students with “regular education” students. He participated in the drama program, both as an actor and as a technician. He was on the yearbook staff and participated in soccer, tennis, and track. Chris coached a youth soccer team and regularly volunteered with the Special Olympics.


College Involvements

  • Children's Literacy Project Tutor (2009-2010)
    Orientation Advisor (2010-2012)
    Oxfam Co-President (2010-2011)
    Labor of Love Coordinator, Student Leaders for the Common Good (2010-2011)
    Pacific Northwest Student Organizer, Responsible Endowments Coalition (2010-2011)
    Undergraduate Leadership Coordinator, Leadership Development (2011-2012)
    Microfinance Intern, La Subsecretaria de la Juventud in Salta, Argentina (2012)
    Shinnyo-En Fellowship for Community Leadership (2012-2013)
    Latino Program Development Intern, Washington C.A.S.H. (2012-Present)
    Marketing & Communications Director, Team Diva Partners (2011-Present)


On the first weeks of freshman year …

Reflecting at this point in time seems to be a trivial, yet simultaneously immense task. I’ve only been through a few weeks of my first quarter of my first year in college and therefore anything that I have “concluded” about myself, my goals, and my beliefs, appear rather baseless. Even though it has only been three weeks, I also feel as if I have been through a myriad of experiences that have unveiled portions of myself that have lain dormant for a number of years.

I have found an incredible amount of consolations, filling my time here with positive experiences and no complaints. I’ve been immersed in a community of people who accept everything that I am and everything I represent. I’ve rediscovered the happiness and optimism that I sometimes lost during the craziness of Senior year. I’ve once again found the joy of activity for the sake of fun, rather than for the sake of my future, the success of a club, or betterment of the world (although these are still affairs which I value). I’ve invigorated my cultural inquisitiveness with several excursions to plays, musicals, concerts, museums, and even culinary adventures. Finally, I’ve even had a personal breakdown (after one day in class!), when I realized what I had been working towards since 7th grade was not, in fact, what I was ultimately interested in. All in all, the short time that I have been here has already provided me with so much more of an idea of just who “Chris Clem” is.

In regards to the Sullivan Competition, the best advice I can give is to really be who you are, as cliché as that may sound. Each of you brings a definite and distinct virtue to the competition. As I have come to realize, it is not necessarily the amount of events you have planned, clubs you have presided over, fundraisers you have chaired, or service trips you have taken part in that “give you an edge.” Rather, it is the potential for positive change that you represent, given all of your distinct values, passions, experiences, strengths, and even weaknesses. So as you read up about the current Sullivan Scholars in preparation for the competition, keep this thought in the back of your mind: bring who you are, what you believe in, and that which you are passionate about.

I look forward to meeting you!

Chris Clem

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Clem, Chris


Pasco, WA

High School:
Pasco High School

Economics & International Studies