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Andrew Battaglia

About Andrew Battaglia

Andrew Battaglia has been involved in varsity speech and debate and is the 2007-2008 Speech and Debate team president. He represented Montana in Student Congress in the 2008 National Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. He has been a part of the Montana Behavioral Initiative, a student-run organization that enhances school atmosphere, and also sang in the varsity choir. He is extremely active, playing recreational soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. His free time activities include rock climbing, longboarding, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, playing guitar, and bicycling.


College Activities

  • University Honors Program
  • Society of Feminists
  • Philosophy Club
  • Student delegate to Population Connection conference in Washington D. C.

On Community …

I have been both most impressed and most influenced by the level of community of the Sullivan cohort.  Each scholar is inspired by a different cause or activity, and there is a great amount of dialogue between scholars about what events are going on and which ones might be interesting.  My freshman year, a senior Sullivan recommended the Youth Speaks Poetry Slam as a show worth going to see.  I had never seen a poetry slam, and decided to attend with some of my friends.  I was incredibly impressed with the poets who performed at the slam; their skill with rhythm and meter was astounding for young adults.  I left the poetry slam very impressed and thankful that an older classmate had urged me to attend.

The Sullivan community is a pool of resources that continually push and urge its members to explore different aspects of college life.  There is a wealth of different ways to experience college: joining an on-campus club, seeking out an internship, focusing on academics, volunteering, or reflecting, just to name a few.  The members of the Sullivan community each experience life at SU in a unique manner, but also urge their peers to challenge themselves.  Where there is a student who has never discussed philosophy in her academic life, there is another student who actively participates in the Philosophy Club.  Being in dialogue with other members of the Sullivan cohort helps each scholar find new perspectives in examining her life.

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Billings, MT

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