Sullivan Leadership Award
Sullivan Leaders’ Day

Sullivan Leaders’ Day

  • Saturday, January 18, 2014
    8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    Participation is open to all qualified Sullivan Leadership Award applicants accepted for Early Action admission. Early Action admission letters and Sullivan Leaders Day invitations will be mailed on or before December 24, 2013. 

    RSVP for Sullivan Leaders' Day is now closed. Should you wish to RSVP please contact Carol Caputo at 206-296-5803 or

    Student Registration

    Sullivan Leaders Day participants will be welcomed and registered in the Student Center Hearth, located on the ground floor of the Student Center Building. Click here for a map of campus. Please plan to check-in at 8:30 AM with your family members in the Student Center.

    Family Program

    Family members are invited to attend the Family Program which will take place in the Pigott Building.  You may view this year's family program here: 2014 Family Program


    Suggested dress for Leaders' Day participants is "smart casual." 

    The Essay

    Participants in Sullivan Leaders' Day will be asked to write an essay in response to a prompt given at the start of the essay writing. The essay is scheduled for one hour.The prompt for the Leaders' Day essay will be based on the two required articles. Any additional reading or research will give you valuable depth for writing the essay and for participating in the discussion at the start of the day. Be prepared to write to the question in the prompt from your own perspective and also show that you have considered other perspectives. 

    Bring your favorite writing tool. The essay prompt, writing paper and copies of the two required articles will be given to you for writing the essay.

    Required Reading

    The required articles for the essay are:

    Additional Reading

    Additional articles related to the subject can be found here.  

    Travel Planning

    Hotels:  List of nearby hotels 
    Hotel discount information

    Transportation:  Airport Light Rail | Shuttle Express

    Parking: The Murphy Garage is on James St., between Broadway and 12th Ave. Tell the attendant that you are attending Sullivan Leaders' Day.  The Broadway Parking Garage entrance is located at Broadway and E. Columbia St.