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Professional Development

  • Professional Development Committee

    The Division of Student Development's Professional Development Committee (PDC) is dedicated to the positive development and creation of intellectual, professional, social, spiritual, and cultural growth of student development staff members. Our commitment is to develop culturally competent professionals guided through best practices and engaged with the mission of the Division. The committee works collaboratively with staff and graduate assistants in innovative ways to:

    • Create professional and community development opportunities for staff via the PDC full committee and subcommittees efforts;
    • Identify and address issues and/or trends of common interest to staff members with very different areas of expertise within Student Development;
    • Facilitate the process of staff members' sharing of information and professional development resource materials;
    • Provide information and programming to enhance the operation/management of Student Development offices and to improve the delivery and effectiveness of student affairs;
    • Recognize formally and informally the outstanding accomplishments and exemplary efforts of Student Development staff members;

    Program Goals

    To accomplish this task, our committee will structure our efforts in the following areas of:

    1. Skill Development
    2. Dialogue Opportunities
    3. Mentorship
    4. Engagement
    5. Leadership


    • Dion Wade, Co-Chair, Director, University Recreation
    • James Willette, Co-Chair, Resident Director, Housing and Residence Life
    • Jane Billbe, Administrative Coordinator, Student Development
    • Dale Watanabe, Student Advisor, International Student Center
    • Kristen Carstens, Assistant Director of University Recreation, Fitness & Operations
    • Natch Ohno, S.J., Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development
    • Caroline Durocher, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics
    • Nikki Robison, Assistant Director, Student Activities

    If you are interested in more information regarding membership, please contact Dion Wade or James Willette.

    Calendar of Events

    **All events are subject to change.

    Date   Time      Event Name   Location  
    9/3/14 - WED 11:30am-1:30pm Beginning of the Year Celebration STCN 160  
    10/1/14 – WED 12pm-1pm What Matters to Me STCN 160 
    10/22/14 - WED   8am-1pm   In-Service  STCN 160
    12/10/14 – WED 12pm-3pm Holiday Celebration STCN 160  
    1/21/15 – WED 12pm-1pm What Matters to Me STCN 160  
    2/11/15 - WED 8am-1pm   In-Service STCN 160  
    3/4/15 - WED   12pm-1pm What Matters to Me STCN 160  
    4/22/15 – WED   8am-1pm   In-Service STCN 160  
    5/20/15 – WED   3-5pm End of Year Celebration CAMP Ballroom