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Divisional Assessment Working Group (DAWG)

  • About  

    Formed in 2007, the Divisional Assessment Working Group (DAWG) provides guidance for division-wide assessment projects, establishes a shared language for assessment within the division, disseminates University-level data, and facilitates the assessment agenda for the Division of Student Development.  DAWG actualizes its charge in a variety of ways that include, but are not limited to: 

    • Creating templates to help departments share their assessment data 
    • Helping departments develop and implement assessment initiatives 
    • Providing professional development opportunities in the area of assessment.   


    DAWG is comprised of a variety of small committees to help facilitate the group’s work:

    • Training: This group finds and facilitates opportunities for members to advance their knowledge of assessment 
    • Recruitment and Orientation: This committee is responsible for identifying and inviting Divisional colleagues to serve with this group.  Additionally, this group helps orient new members.   
    • Special Projects: This group, chaired by Tim Wilson (, is responsible for developing and implementing projects that enhance our gather and share assessment data.  The assessment brief initiative is an example of a special project.
    • Assessment Certification Program (ACP):  This professional development opportunity is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement assessment projects.   

    Assessment Certification Program  

    Offered in the Spring and Summer, the Assessment Certification Program (ACP) is an 8-part, professional development opportunity designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement assessment projects.  Past ACP participants credit the program for helping them to be more effective in their roles on campus, as well as helping them to create more effective mission statements, goals, and programmatic outcomes.  

    Assessment Briefs  

    Collecting data is only one part of the assessment process.  In order to build a true culture of evidence, the data collected has to be shared with the community.  Assessment briefs are designed to provide readers with concise, timely, and accurate assessment data on a variety of student communities and experiences.  While the briefs are primarily developed by departments within the Division of Student Development, there are briefs that are developed in partnership with our colleagues outside of the Division as well.  If you would like to know more about the briefs, or would like to develop a brief yourself, contact Tim Wilson ( for more information.

    Freshman survey

    Resident Satisfaction

    Undergraduates and Stress

    What we know about transfers   


  • 2015-2016 DAWG Members

    • Tim Wilson (Chair)  
    • Tim Albert (Housing and Residence Life) 
    • Rachel Turow (Counseling and Psychological Services) 
    • Angel Asuncion-Reed (Commuter and Transfer Student Life)