Student Billing and Payment
Credit Balance Refunds

Authorizing Direct Deposit of Refunds

  • Direct deposit authorization allows the credit balance on a student's account, after all charges there have been paid, to be sent directly to the student's bank account. For students who anticipate credit balance refunds after all charges on their student account have been covered, direct deposit is the quickest way to receive those refunds.   To set up direct deposit, the student downloads and completes a Direct Deposit Form and submits it to the Student Financial Services Office.  

    For a student's refund to be processed on the first day of the quarter, their financial aid needs to be finalized (all paperwork completed, submitted and processed) 30 days prior to the start of the quarter. Students also need to allow two weeks for their direct deposit to be set up with their banks.

    For students who choose not to set up direct deposit, credit balances will be processed as checks which are mailed to those students' mailing address of record at SUOnline ... where they can also go to update that address as needed.  To update the mailing address, log on to SUOnline and click on "Change Address" in the User Account section of the Students Menu.