Student Billing and Payment
Credit Balance Refunds

Credit Balance Refunds

  • A credit balance is the result of payments ... including the transmittal of financial aid ... on a student's account exceeding charges. If there is a credit balance after all payments have actually been posted to the account, that amount will be transferred to the student's checking account via direct deposit if the student has authorized this option.  Otherwise, the check will be mailed to the student's mailing address of record as shown on SUOnline (where students can also go to update that address). Because credit balance checks are not mailed until the first day of the quarter, receipt of these checks may be delayed three to five days if the student hasn't provided a current, local mailing address.

    A credit balance on a student's account that is the result of "Pending Estimated Financial Aid" being deducted from the charges on the account is not a true credit balance until the financial aid is actually disbursed and so is NOT available to the student until all financial aid for the quarter has been posted to the student's account.

    A direct deposit or check will automatically be generated if:

    • There is a credit balance for the current term.  This occurs when payments and/or financial aid actually disbursed (not pending or estimated aid) exceed charges.
    • There are no other balances due to the University.
    • The student is a financial aid recipient and is registered for at least as many credit hours as are shown on the financial aid award letter.
    • A Parent PLUS Loan is not included in the student's financial aid award.
    • A check payment hasn't been made on the student's account within the last twenty-one (21) days.

    If one of the above applies to a student who has a credit balance, the student should contact Student Financial Services for resolution.