Student Billing and Payment
Paying my Bill
  • Here students and their families will find information about the "Registration and Payment Invoice" students receive from Student Financial Services each quarter, from how to read the invoice to how to pay it to different options and timelines for making payments.

    For information about these topics and others related to paying a student's bill, click on any of the tabs in the column on the left side of this screen.

  • Important Dates

    Tuition Due Dates:  Each quarter's tuition-due date is the same every year:

    Fall Quarter: Sept. 20
    Winter Quarter: Dec. 20
    Spring Quarter: March 20
    Summer Quarter: June 20

    Registrar's Calendars of Academic and Other Important Dates

  • Announcements

    • PARENT INFORMATION: Our FAQ's are for parents, too! Answers to all your questions about financial aid and student billing and payment, including some you may not have known you had! Includes important tips like how your student can authorize your on-line access to their information and also how they can give us permission to talk with you about that information, when tuition is due and options for making payment, how to apply for a federal Parent PLUS Loan, how to request a waiver of the student health insurance premium and much, much more.
    • Walk-In Appointment Hours