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  • Students & Alumni News: August 2012

    We celebrate the incredible individuals that we are proud to call Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry (STM) students and alumni. In almost every vocational sector, we find individuals from SU STM working for a better world.  
    Here are just a few more recent highlights from our diverse student body and alumni:



    - One of our Masters of Divinity students, Tim Oleson, recently published an article in a new book, Keeping the Faith in Seminary.





    NoahBaskett.jpg- SU STM Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership student, Noah Baskett, as the NEW Director of the Act Six Scholarship Program for Tacoma-Seattle!

    An initiative of the Northwest Leadership Foundation, Act Six is the Northwest's only full-tuition, full-need scholarship for emerging urban and community leaders. Noah will be charged to recruit and select new cadres of urban, underrepresented students and send them to local liberal arts colleges. He is also excited to explore the potential of bringing this innovative justice project to Seattle University!     



      - Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality alumnus, Jeanne Hall, recently published the book Fostering Children's Faith.



    SamOsborne_MATSalum.jpgMaster of Arts in Transforming Spirituality Alumnus, Sam Osborne, is theExecutive Director of Rainier Valley Food Bank, which feeds over 10,000 people a month and fed over 100,000 in 2011 alone! 



     - Jana Pallis, Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership alumnus, is joining an incredible education program at Stanford this summer!

                      ABOUT the Program:

    The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University. CCARE’s Compassion Training Teacher Certification program is a part-time, 12-month training for professionals who want to deepen their ability to share the science, philosophy, and pedagogy of compassion. Graduates, who fulfill all program requirements, including a period of supervised teaching, will be certified to teach CCARE’s Compassion Training Course. The Compassion Training Course is 9-week program developed by a team of psychologists, scientists, and contemplative scholars at Stanford University.


     -Aubrey Thonvold, Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality alumnus, is now Faith Outreach Specialist with the Pride Foundation. Her work is focused on engaging faith communities across the state of Washington in education and awareness of marriage equality, and to expand faith communities' inclusivity.



      - Tricia Trainer, Master of Divinity alumnus, received the 2012 Seattle University Community Service Award and is honored in the Seattle U Alumni & Admissions building, here pictured.





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