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  • February Edition: Faculty, Student & Alumni Updates


    Dean Mark S. Markuly, PhDDean Mark S. Markuly, PhD
    This past month in leading up to the Search for Meaning Book Festival, featured an interview with Dean Markuly on the theme of the festival, including book recommendations and more. Read the article online here.

    Dr. Michael TriceDr. Michael Trice
    The Association of Theological Schools' special journal on theological higher education featured Dr. Trice's paper "A Future in the Hyphen: The Dawning of a Faculty-Administrator." Dr. Trice's essay, "Nostra Aetate: There is Wisdom at Fifty" will be published in a forthcoming book on interreligious dialogue, 50 years after Vatican II. The work that Dr. Trice presented at a global conference in Sweden last fall will be soon published as a book (details coming soon), "There’s an App for That! A Post-Christian Response to the Future of Faith." Dr. Trice spoke this past week, along with friends of the school from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at Garfield Community Center at "One Human Race: A Unique Interfaith Event to Celebrate the Humanity in All of Us." Watch a video from the event, here.

    Dr. Christie EpplerDr. Christie Eppler
    Dr. Eppler received word that her co-authored paper, "The RE-formation of Gender for Male Therapists-in-Training," has been selected for the American Family Therapy Academy's “Family Health and Wellbeing: Embracing Wholeness & Complexity” in Athens, GA, June 4-7, 2014. 

    Rev. Dr. Michael KinnamonRev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon
    Rev. Dr. Kinnamon is leading a series of talks hosted by The Church Council of Greater Seattle, entitled "Walking into Difficult Conversations" for two Tuesdays in the Month of March at Trinity Parish Episcopal Church in Seattle. Participants will be asking the question, "What does civil look like among faithful, committed people who disagree?" and Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, former General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, will draw from decades of practical experience on the national and international scale to provide the theological foundations for having difficult conversations in diverse faith contexts. More information here.

    Dr. Andrew DavisDr. Andrew Davis
    Dr. Davis will host a post-show discussion following Seattle's Taproot Theater production "In the Book Of" by John Walch on Thursday, April 17th. Doors open for the show at 7:00pm with the post-play discussion beginning at 9:35pm for a short but rich 20 minutes. For more information and for ticketing, visit Taproot's webpage here.



    Heather Thompson, MATSHeather Thompson, MA in Transforming Spirituality
    Heather's work will be featured in The Showbox venue in downtown Seattle as a part of the "Awakenings" exhibit for RAW artists' re-emergence in the Seattle area (RAW is an international organization supporting independent artists). The video featured on her online profile was a final class project for last quarter's coursework with Dr. Valerie Lesniak. View Heather's profile, including some of her artwork, on the RAW site here, and her own website here.

    Nindyo, MATSNindyo Sasongko, MA in Transforming Spirituality
    Two of Nindyo's papers, “A Plan to Put the Sovereign Power in the Court Room Dock: A Reading of Job 13:13-19 through the Lens of Post-Indonesian Killings” as well as "Asking Paul Tillich and the Rahner Brothers to Play with the Javanese Children," have been accepted for presentation in the Hebrew Bible and Theology and Philosophy of Religion program units at the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion, Society for Biblical Literature and American Society of Religion meeting at the University of Calgary (May 9-11, 2014) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nindyo has also been nominated as a potential candidate for the next Regional Student Director of the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religion (PNW-AAR). Final voting will occur in May. Nindyo additionally received an email from Dr. Anita Houck of Saint Mary’s Seminary and secretary and treasurer of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, inviting him to be involved in the SSCS Contemplative Studies Group on November 21, 2014 in San Diego.  The session will take place one day before the National AAR and SSCS meeting on November 22-25, 2014.

    Collin Tong, MAPSCollin Tong, MA in Pastoral Studies
    Collin recently published the anthology, "Into the Storm: Journeys with Alzheimer's" which has received several book reviews from the New York Times and other major publications in addition to presentation and book signing at Elliott Bay Book Company and other local gatherings. For more information, visit




    Alfredo Feregrino, MDivAlfredo Feregrino, Master of Divinity 2012
    Alfredo is launching a new bilingual and bicultural Latino-Anglo congregation Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church. Visit for details.




    Timonthy Brunk, PhDTimothy Brunk, MA in Pastoral Studies 1998
    Timothy Brunk, PhD is now Director of Graduate Admissions, Convener of the Liturgical Theology Seminar, and Associate Professor of Theology at Lancaster University. He just published an article in Studia Liturgica, entitled “Baptism and Consumerism” Studia Liturgica 43 / 1 (2013): 1-31.



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