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  • Student Resource: McGoldrick Collegium

    School of Theology and Ministry students have a home away from home just around the corner from their classrooms. It's called the McGoldrick Collegium. Students use the space to stop for coffee and conversation between classes, meet with classmates on projects and grab a few moments of quiet time. The collegiums on Seattle University's campus include a small kitchen, comfortable sofas, reading lamps and study tables.

    Hunthausen Hall's McGoldrickCollegium is home for graduate, non-traditional, undergraduates over the age of 25, and military veteran students from all academic programs.

    The McGoldrick Collegium is open this Summer Quarter during the hours when School of Theology and Ministry classes are scheduled.

    Summer Quarter, McGoldrick Collegium Hours: 

    Monday-Thursday: 8am-4:15pm   |    Friday: 8am-3pm

    For more information on all the Collegia on campus visit: 

     Clare, MARPT - Student


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