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  • June Edition: What Faculty are Reading & Watching

    "When it comes to discerning what to read, watch or listen to in the precious time we have, it is always helpful to have the suggestions of people who read and experience new information as part of their living. Some of our faculty share here monthly the books they are reading, as well as the electronic media they are listening to or viewing.   Most of us have a stack of books at our bedside, while some of us have stacks near our reading chair, our cocktail table and any other horizontal surface capable of supporting weight.   Most of us also have long lists of films we want to see or music groups we hope to experience.  When it is possible, some of the faculty will give you a few words of evaluation of what is occupying their leisure time.
    In a world with too many options for reading and watching, we hope faculty suggestions will help you in your discernment process about what to read on your journey, especially as we begin the months of summer." 

    ~ Dean Mark S. Markuly, PhD 



    DickCunningham_Photo.jpgDr. Dick Cunningham

    - "On the Boundary", Paul Tillich
    - "The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded Americans is Tearing us Apart", Bill Bishop




    Dr. Christie Eppler

    "Since it is the end of the quarter, I've been reading my students' case reports and reflections. I'm amazed how a well-crafted clinical report can highlight rich spiritual metaphors within a search for meaning and wholeness. I've been prepping a new course regarding identity and ethics of relationship and pastoral therapists. One text many may enjoy is 'Encountering the Sacred in Psychotherapy: How to Talk with People about their Spiritual Lives' (2002) by James L. Griffith and Melissa Elliott Griffith. The book explores telling and listening to creative and healing stories. For fun, I just finished 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn and 'Beautiful Ruins' by Jess Walters. The best movie (on DVD) I saw recently is 'Secret of Kells', the 2009 Irish-French-Belgian animated feature about the creation of the illuminated manuscript of the Bible. It was magical! For fun, I've watched 'Warm Bodies', 'Les Miserables', and 'Jack Reacher'. Finally, as the weather warms, I've been out wandering around Seattle. My music player is full of Wye Oak, Grizzly Bear, The Tallest Man on Earth, and stories from 'This American Life' (I recommend episode 474: Back to School). I saw Laura Marling in concert, it was a great show."



    Dr. Andrew Davis

    "From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews 1933-1965" by John Connelly

    TV shows: Mad Men and Arrested Development.  (Alas, no time for movies.)




    Dr. Michael Reid Trice

    What I'm reading: 
    Something Old:  A Classic -- Augustine's "City of God", in preparation for the fall course titled: To Hell and Back: Evil and Redemption in Christian Thought
    Something New: "The Evangelicals You Don't Know: Introducing the Next Generation of Christians", by Tom Krattenmaker
    Something Borrowed: A recommended book by a friend titled; Martin Buber's "I and Thou: Practicing Living Dialogue" by Kenneth Paul Kramer.

    What I'm watching: I'm actually listening to NPR's "Science Friday" episodes that cover expansive titles such as the contours of the universe, robotic advancements, and the reanimation of a 400 year old plant that was frozen in an ice cap and recently exposed due to snow melt.



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