School of Theology and Ministry
Master of Divinity

Student Stories

  • Here just a few stories from the program's diverse students & alumni:


  • The ecumenical aspect at Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry is so important for future church leaders. I now have allies and friends in many different denominations and religions. This opens up new opportunities for how to be and 'do' church in the future.

    Chelsea Globe, MDIV - Class of 2014 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
  • Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry has given me a place to develop and integrate theology, spirituality, and a passion for social justice alongside a diverse community of caring and talented students. This has made ministry not merely a job but a way of life: allowing every moment to be an opportunity for service regardless of the context in which I find myself.

    Justin Umbright, MDIV - Class of 2013 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Three years ago, as I applied to Seattle University, I knew that I would be immersed in a climate of differing viewpoints. My Disciples of Christ background had already opened me to diversity within unity, which means respecting others viewpoints within the context of belief in Christ. A great epiphany for me was how my professors and colleagues would embrace creating a community within each class--a community that was emotionally safe, sincerely caring, and open to new perspectives. I am blessed each day at the School of Theology and Ministry.

    Jeanette Larson, MDIV - Current Student Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • I don’t think I think I could have written the novel "Sinful Folk"—a book on a Catholic feminist theologian with Jewish roots—without Seattle University and the diversity of perspectives afforded to me by its School of Theology and Ministry. What I found really inspiring about the school was the ability for people of different approaches to find common ground and to learn from each other. I found that to be really very healthy, inspiring and stimulating. The experience opened my eyes to things I had never considered before—a lot of the work around feminist theology, Hebrew understanding of scripture and also Catholic and Jesuit approaches taught me how to write from different perspectives, and honor those voices.

    Ned Hayes, MDiv - Former Student Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
  • I consider the school's ability to ask me to know and articulate my own theology as a part of the brilliance of an ecumenical and interreligious Masters of Divinity education. Never once was I forced to believe a theology that I did not agree with, instead I was encouraged to formulate my own in an environment of respect and open-mindedness.

    Terra Morgan, MDiv Current Student
  • I adore the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle U. The thing I love best about Seattle University, and the school in particular, is our dedication to diversity and social justice within our faith communities. The formation we gain here is what will allow us to share the love, spirit and wisdom of the holy with a world that longs for peaceful community.

    Jeny Carlson, MDiv Chaplaincy - Current Student Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • To be in this school is mutual-learning. We learn together with faculty, staff and other students.

    Alfredo Feregrino, MDIV - Class of 2013 Episcopal Church
  • I love the diversity of the school’s graduate student community and how it trickles down into class discussions. I’ve always been comfortable with my Methodist identity, but not my Christian identity and I’ve been able to discover that identity since coming to Seattle U. I’m a certified candidate for ministry for the United Methodist Church on the Deacon track.

    Irene DeMaris, MDiv - Current Student United Methodist Church