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Audit a Class

  • Providing opportunities for lifelong learning is one of the ways Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry lives out its mission to prepare leaders for a more just and humane world. Questions? Contact Colette Casavant at or (206) 296-5333.

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    Fees for Auditing Classes 

    • $154 for one-credit courses
    • $308 for two-credit courses
    • $462 for three-credit courses

    These fees represent a 75% discount off regular tuition.


    Step 1

    To request to have a hardcopy form sent to you in the mail, please email or call (206) 296-5330.

    Step 2 

    Please write a brief letter of introduction explaining why auditing a course will be of benefit to you, your work, or your faith community.

    Step 3

    As soon as possible, and at least two weeks before class starts if possible, please return the completed form and the audit fee to the below address.

    • Make checks payable to Seattle University
    • Please note that no refunds can be issued after the first day of class

    Budget Manager
    Seattle University, School of Theology and Ministry
    901 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 222000
    Seattle, WA 98122-1090

    Step 4