School of Theology and Ministry

Admission Requirements

  • Please see here for Admission Requirements & Resources for the Master of Arts in Relationship & Pastoral Therapy (MARPT). 

    General Requirements*

    • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, preferably in a liberal arts area
    • Two undergraduate courses in theology or equivalent
    • A 2.75 GPA (Exceptions: a 3.00 GPA is required for international students, and all students applying for the Doctor of Ministry, or Post-Master's Certificate in Pastoral Leadership)
    • If GPA falls below the required minimum, then the Miller Analogy Test (MAT) is required
    • Two years of experience in some form of education, ministry, or service as a professional or volunteer

    Please note: admission is selective, and candidates are evaluated on their individual merits

    *Exception for Master of Arts in Relationship & Pastoral Therapy, please see here

    Application Materials to be submitted* **

    • Application forms and fee
    • Two recommendations with at least one from a person familiar with your religious/spiritual development
    • Official transcripts of all colleges and Universities previously attended
    • An autobiographical statement, 5-8 pages in length, that includes the following:
      • An account of your life and important events and relationships, highlighting impact of these on your development (3-5 pages)
      • Several paragraphs (2-5 paragraphs for each theme) addressing the following:
        • Impression of this program and expectations of the program
        • Discussion of professional skills and understanding that you seek through participation in Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry and areas of personal growth most important to you
        • Listing of formal and informal eduation over the last three years (IE workshops, institutes, readings, etc.)
        • Major ministry or church-related experiences noting whether done part-time or full-time and years when engaged (for MA in Transformational Leadership applicants, please share major work experiences that have developed your leadership abilities)
    • An interview with a member of the School of Theology and Ministry Admissions Committee (Note: Upon receipt of application materials, you will be contacted for the interview)

    *Application and all corresponding forms should be submitted through the online application process here
    **Exception for Doctor of Ministry (see requirements here) and Post-Master's Certificate in Pastoral Leadership (see here)


    Time Limit

    All work toward a degree from the School of Theology and Ministry must be completed within six years. This limit includes transfer credit.