School of Theology and Ministry

Rev. Clinton D. McNair

  • Rev. Clinton D. McNair
    Professor Emeritus


    PhD, 1978, Northwestern University
    MDiv, Crozer Theological Seminary
    BA, Virginia Union University

    Academic/Professional Experience

    I have been involved in the pastoral psychotherapy profession for 30 years. I teach graduate level clinical courses and train couples and family therapists. I attend the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy’s (AAMFT) annual national conference in order to highlight current trends in my clinical courses. I am a Diplomate in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), and have served the Northwest Region in establishing spiritually-infused therapy curriculum and practices, including offering professional coaching services. My area of spirituality includes mindfulness coaching. As an ordained American Baptist minister, I consult and actively engage in building socially just communities of worship. 

    Clinical Services

    Clinical Director, the Pastoral Counseling Service and Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic, This is a COAMFTE Masters level Program, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN 46208 (2003-2005)

    Private Practice—couples, families, individuals, Church and Denominational Consultant, Charlotte, NC 1998-2000
    President and Co-Founder of Pastoral Ministries Institute, Inc, A pastoral counseling, marriage and family therapy center established to provide counseling and Evaluation Services to a cross-cultural community, Reston, Virginia 1986-1989

    Center Director and Staff Counselor, Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center of Greater Washington, DC, pastoral counseling and marriage and family therapy, 1981-1986

    Director of Research and Evaluation, Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care, pastoral counseling and marriage and family therapy, Richmond, Virginia, 1980-1981

    Associate Director, Assessment Services, provided supervision and clinical services for students and their families, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, 1978-1980

    Teaching & Education Administration

    Dean of Doctoral Studies, and Professor Intercultural Studies, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH (2000-2003)

    Adjunct Professor; Loyola College, Pastoral Counseling Dept., Columbia, MD; 1993-98

    Director, Doctor of Ministry Degree Program, and Associate Professor Practical Theology, Howard University School of Divinity, 1982-1993

    Institute of Pastoral Psychotherapy:  Taught Course in "Crisis Intervention and Brief Counseling", 1983-1984

    Faculty Member, Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care:  Taught Course in Research Methodology, 1980-1981

    Assistant Professor, Pastoral Psychology and Counseling, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois, 1978-1980

    Adjunct Professor, Pastoral Psychology and Counseling, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois, 1976-1978


    Chaplain and Clinical Supervisor, V.A. Lakeside Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 1975-79

    Chaplain, Little Company of Mary Hospital, Evergreen Park, Illinois, 1975


    Editoral Consultant-Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, Haworth Press

    McNair, Clinton D., “Finding Wholeness from the Shattered Pieces: The Art of Pastoral Supervision” American Association of Pastoral Counselors Diplomate Paper, Unpublished, 2004.

    McNair, Clinton D., Abstracts of Research in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Richmond: Joint Council on Research, Vol. 9, 1980.

    McNair, Clinton D., The Effect of Pastoral Counseling on the Patient's Adjustment to Hemodialysis.  Northwestern University Ph.D. dissertation, 1978,  University Microfilms International (Proquest), Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1979.

    Presentation of Papers

    2004 International Congress on Pastoral Care and Counseling in Bangalore, India, Keynote Address, “Globalization and Pastoral Care and Counseling,” August 2004

    Union Theological Seminary, New York, New York, Black Ministry Conference  Workshop Presentation on "Strengthening Black Families", October 25, 1989

    United Methodist Church – California-Nevada Annual Conference; Conducted Pastor's School at this conference on "Pastoring in a Pluralistic Society".  Also included a one-day retreat for Black Clergy, October 2-6, 1989

    "Delivery Service Systems for Pastoral Counseling in the Racial/Ethnic/Minority Communities", presented at a seminar: American Association of Pastoral Counselors - Centers and Training Committee Winter Conference, January 14, 1989

    Walker Memorial Baptist Church, Washington, DC:  "Lay Ministry Training in Pastoral Care", Series, 24 Hours in 10 sessions, Sept. - Nov. 1987

    "Developing Pastoral Counseling Centers in a Cross/Cultural Context,” presented at Pre-Convention Conference on Urban Pastoral Counseling Centers;  Annual Convention of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, April, 1986

    "How to Do Effective Pastoral Counseling with Persons in the Urban Setting,” presented at 1984 Convocation,  The Healing Word,  White Rock Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February, 1984

    "Women and Depression", presented at Women in Ministry Conference, Howard University School of Divinity May 27, 1983

    "Standards for Blacks in Pastoral Counseling", presented at Workshop at Annual American Association of Pastoral Counselors, April, 1980

    "Pastoral Counseling Center and the Black Community", presented January, 1979, Seminar:  Pastoral Psychotherapy, Service Systems and Models, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

    "Psycho-Sociological Analysis and Pastoral Marriage Counseling with the Black Couple," presented at Chicago Theological Institute, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, May 16, 1979

    "Cultural Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling: Racism", presented at Workshop at Annual Convention of American Association of Pastoral Counselors, April 20, 1979