Student Government of Seattle University


  • There are three types of SGSU members:

    • Executive Members, the Student Body President and three vice presidents.
    • Representatives, those elected to represent a particular constituent group, such as a class.
    • Cabinet Members, staff members hired by the Student Body President.

    Additionally, SGSU is advised by a team of dedicated and passionate Seattle University staff and graduate coordinators.

    Executive Branch

      Student Body President Eric Sype
      Executive Vice President Raquel Davalos
      Vice President of Finance Matt Kelly
      Vice President of University Affairs Meggie Green


      Representative Assembly 

        At-Large Representative (I) Owen Goetze
        At-Large Representative (II) Mark Vargas
        Freshman Class Representative (I) Tanish Bhojwani
        Freshman Class Representative (II) Isheeta Tewari
        Sophomore Class Representative Myra Jackson
        Junior Class Representative  Manuel Sigüenza 
        Senior Class Representative Luke Larson 
        Athletic Representative Sarah Coluccio
        Commuter Representative Lynn Doan
        Students with Disabilities Representative  Braden Wild
        International Representative Jaden Phan
        Transfer Representative Jordan Murakami
        Multicultural Representative Monica Chan
        Non-Traditional Representative Jarrod Gallagher

        Cabinet Members

          External Chief of Staff Izzy Gardon
          Internal Chief of Staff Margaret Quartararo
          Director of Civic Engagement Kristen Wieliczka
          Secretary of Elections Tyler Saito

          Staff Advisors

            Assistant Director of the Department of Student Activities Nikki Robison
            Advisor & Graduate Coordinator  Kelsey Nerland
            Advisor & Graduate Coordinator  Kayla Zobel