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Sustainable Fund Form

  • Fund Information



    Please include a detailed description of the problem you would like to address and its and effected environment. Provide details such as, how pervasive is the problem, where is it primarily located, and who is involved with the situation.  

    Please describe in detail your alternative to the problem, i.e., your proposed project and how it addresses the problem outlined above.


    What is your estimated cost breakdown of the project? What funds do you expect to come from SURF, and what is the importance of SURF's contribution? What funds do you expect to come from other sources and from where? What do you expect to be the savings for the university? (This is purely an estimate and final financial details would be calculated by the Facilities Dept. upon approval)


    Please provide your expected/ideal timeline for the project.


    Please provide names, titles and contact information/links for individuals (administrators, etc) and organizations (on or off campus) that you expect to be involved.


    If your ideal proposed project does not work out, do you have any alternative projects in mind that may still address the problem on some level?  

    Please describe the "no action" alternative. For instance, if the project is not implemented at all, what are the consequences and costs to the university?


    Is there anything else you would like us to know regarding your project not included in the application above? SURF is a new program at Seattle University and we'd like it to be the best that it can be.  Please provide any suggestions or recommendations about the application that you would like us to be aware of.