• Saturday, February 15, 2014
    REGISTRATION BEGINS 8:00am Pigott & Campion Tents
    Author Presentations 9:00am-9:45am

    Paul N. Anderson, MDiv, PhD | Pigott 108 | The Spirituality of Jesus
    Laura Ash, David Ash, Betsey Beckman, Julie Beckman, Lisa Branham, Linda Haydock, SNJM, Marine Madesclaire, and April Sotura | Pigott Auditorium | Grace on the Margins: The Making of a Social Justice Musical
    Amy Bhatt, PhD and Nalini Iyer, PhD | Sullivan CT C3 | Reflections on Immigration, History, and Community Formation in the Pacific NW
    Marcus Brotherton, MA | Pigott 100 | How the Marines of WWII Encourage You to do Wonderful Things With Your Life - CANCELLED
    Colette Casavant, MAPS and Joelle Pretty, MA | Pigott 101 | Questioning for Purpose: A Workshop on Career & Life Change Discernment
    Duncan S. Ferguson | Pigott 105 | Lovescapes, Mapping the Geography of Love: An Invitation to the Love-Centered Life
    Fr. Mark S. Massa, SJ | Pigott 103 | A Pox on Both Your Houses: Moving Beyond ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’ Labels in American Catholicism
    Bro. Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS | Sullivan CT C1 | Saved by Beauty: An artist’s looks at the life of Dorothy Day
    Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda, PhD | Sullivan 109 | Love as Ecological-Economic Vocation: Resisting Structural Evil
    Rebecca Ann Parker, DMin, DD | Sullivan 105 | Connecting Spirituality and Justice
    Rosanne Parry | Pigott 102 | Character and the 7 Deadly Sins: Creating Emotionally Resonant Characters
    Mark Scandrette | Sullivan CT C6 | FREE: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most
    Vincent Stanley | Sullivan CT C5 | Don’t Buy This Jacket: Commerce After the Age of Consumerism
    Elsi Vassdal Ellis, PhD
    | Pigott 109 | The Artist’s Book and Current Affairs

    Book Signing
    Session 1 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium
    Keynote Presentation 10:30am-12:00pm Katherine Boo | Campion Ballroom (doors open 9:45) & Pigott Auditorium and Sullivan Ct 1, Ct 5, Ct 6 and 105 for Overflow (doors open 10:05)
    Keynote Book Signing
    Katherine Boo | Campion Lobby
    Lunch Break
    Julia K. Anderson, MBA | Sullivan 109 | Seeing the World Through Another’s Eyes
    Wendy Call | Pigott 102 | Facing Globalization: When the Big-Box Economy Comes to Small-Town Mexico
    Paul Coutinho, PhD | Pigott Auditorium | Pilgrim Mystic: Relentless Quest of the Human Spirit
    Daniel Dombrowski | Sullivan CT C7 | The Concept of God, Just War Theory, and Pacifism
    Holly J. Hughes, MFA and Brenda Miller, PhD | Sullivan CT C1 | The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World
    Kayce S. Hughlett, MA, LMHC | Sullivan 105 | The Art of Pondering: Playing your way to Passion and Presence
    Hattie Kauffman | Sullivan CT C5 | Falling into faith… Finding God when you least expect it
    Michael Kinnamon, PhD | Pigott 108 | Jewish-Christian Relations: How can we face the tough issues and still stay together?
    Steffanie Lorig | Pigott 100 | Draw It Out: Providing Hope and Healing for Children Facing Loss
    Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, MDiv | Sullivan 110 | Wrestling with the Word: Midrash as a Tool for Meaning
    Sara Miles | Sullivan CT C6 | Faith in the Streets: When God has Left the Building
    William J. O’Malley, SJ | Pigott 103 | The 2700 Priests of Dachau
    Arzoo Osanloo, JD, PhD | Pigott 109 | Politics and Rights in a Modern Islamic Republic
    Vincent J. Pastro, DMin | Pigott 107 | La Predicacion y los Pobres: Preaching and the Poor (Spanish Session)
    Chaplain Larry N. Walls, LT, USN (Retired), MDiv | Pigott 105 | No one really knows how to love, and I can prove it!
    Audrey Young, MD | Sullivan CT C3 | Make Things Better: Pursuing a Life of Service
    Book Signing
    Session 2 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium
    Author Presentations
    Colette Casavant, MAPS and Joelle Pretty, MA | Pigott 101 | Questioning for Purpose: A Workshop on Career & Life Change Discernment
    Don H. Compier | Sullivan 109 | A Costly Grace: Learning from Kurt Cobain
    Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, Pastor Don Mackenzie, PhD, and Imam Jamal Rahman, MA | Pigott Auditorium | Encountering Irreconcilable Differences: The Real Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue
    Nora Gallagher | Pigott 103 | Life in Oz: Faith, Illness and Vulnerability
    Ingrid Hess, MFA | Pigott 102 | Children’s Books & the Greater Good
    Sonora Jha, PhD | Sullivan 105 | The Urgent Story: When Facts Must Be Told As Fiction
    Jack Levison, MA, PhD | Pigott 105 | “If I Only Had a Brain!” The Holy Spirit and the Mind of Faith
    Leticia Nieto MA, PsyD | Pigott 109 | Developmental Strategies for Liberation, Skills for Social Change
    Marcia J. Patton, PhD | Sullivan CT C7 | When the Spirit Moves: A Guide for Ministers in Transition
    Daniel J. Peterson, MA, MDiv, PhD | Sullivan CT C3 | Rediscovering Paul Tillich: How America’s ‘Most Dangerous Theologian’ of the 20th Century Can Help Us Today
    Bev Sellars, JD | Sullivan CT C5 | Secrets and Survival at a Native American Boarding School
    Susan J. Stabile, JD | Sullivan 110 | Adapting Buddhist Meditation Practices to a Christian Spirituality
    Mary Tuchscherer, MA | Pigott 100 | Writing As Soulwork
    Maria de Lourdes Victoria | Pigott 107 | En la búsqueda de la justicia: el recorrido desde el litigio hacia la mediación (The Quest for Justice: A personal Journey from Litigation to Mediation)
    Diane Walker | Pigott 108 | Creativity as Gnosis: An Artist’s Response to the Gospel of Thomas
    Book Signing
    Session 3 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium
    Keynote Presentation
    Isabel Wilkerson | Campion Ballroom (doors open 3:45) & Pigott Auditorium 104 and Sullivan Ct 1, Ct 5, Ct 6 and 105 for Overflow (doors open 4:05)
    Keynote Book Signing
    Isabel Wilkerson | Campion Lobby