Environmental Science

Environmental Science

  • About the Department

    The environmental science degree offers a broad background in the basic and applied sciences, with foundation courses in general biology, general and organic chemistry and environmental engineering. The major is partially self-designed, allowing you to take additional upper division courses in the areas that suit your interests, such as water resources waste treatment, or chemical analysis of environmental samples. You will delve further into your interests by taking major elective courses such as Quantitative Analysis, Hazardous Waste Engineering, Marine Biology, or Biochemistry.

    Seattle University commitment to an integrated education allows the opportunity to examine environmental issues from multiple perspectives within the core curriculum, including philosophy, literature, economics, and law. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is also compatible with obtaining a minor in biology, chemistry, or environmental engineering.

    Undergraduate Program Learning Objectives


    • Understand and apply principles of biology/ecology, chemistry, physics, math/statistics, and engineering that are relevant to natural systems and environmental processes.
    • Plan and execute experiments in the laboratory and in the field using appropriate instruments, careful data collection, and safe practices.
    • Use quantitative and critical thinking skills, information tools, and computer applications to interpret data and answer questions.
    • Effectively communicate to diverse audiences using written, oral, and graphic methods.
    • Comprehensively understand significant environmental issues currently impacting global society.

    Beyond the Classroom

    Environmental science majors enhance their classroom and laboratory learning with internships, summer research programs, and jobs in the field. Some of the organizations our students have worked with include:

    • The Nature Conservancy
    • The US Senate
    • City of Bellevue
    • Snohomish County
    • Seattle City Light
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • The Engineering Research Center for Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure, New Mexico State University

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