National Guard/Reserve Students

Simultaneous Membership Program

  • What is the SMP Program?

    The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) is a program in which ROTC contracted cadets simultaneously serve as members of the United States Army Reserves (USAR) and ROTC as officer trainees.

    SMP Benefits

    • $450-$500 Monthly Stipend
    • E-5 Pay for Drill Weekend
    • Commissioned Second Lieutenant upon Graduation
    • Maintain Guard/Reserve Benefits*
    • Active Duty or Guard/Reserve Possibilities
    • Leadership Training: The SMP Program is an excellent opportunity for cadets to receive on-the-job training, leadership and unit experience.

    SMP Qualifications

    • Junior in academic standing
    • GPA > 2.0
    • Accepted by Seattle University Professor of Military Science and Unit Battalion Commander
    • Pass APFT* (Although a passing score is all that is needed to qualify, excelling at PT is a must for future Army Officers)

    To join the SMP Program

    • Contact Seattle University Army ROTC Admissions Officer for an interview
    • Obtain a letter of acceptance into SMP program from Guard/Reserve Unit Commander
    • Complete the Medical Qualification Exam through Army ROTC
    • Obtain Assignment Orders from Guard/Reserve Unit into the SMP Program
    • Contract with Army ROTC

    *Cadets who participate in the program also receive credit for time in service that will be applied toward pay and retirement.