Card Reader Problems

Q:  The reader has a $5 or $10 limit/ the "Override Code" button has disappeared
A:  The reader is running offline.  Please report this to the Reprographic Accounting Office

Q:  The reader says "invalid card" or "invalid account"
A:  Has the user tried swiping their card rather than tapping?  (Note: only the touch-screen readers have this feature.)  If this does not help, there may be a problem with the privileges.  Please contact the Reprographic Accounting Office and provide the following information:

  • Does the user have door access or meal plans and are they working?
  • Budget number
  • SU ID number OR copy card number
  • Name of user OR name on copy card

Q:  The reader says "insufficient funds"
A:  The user forgot to enter the override code.  Please refer to Using the Card Reader

Q:  The reader says "declined" after swiping your card
A:  The user mistyped the override code or has no assigned copy privileges.  Privileges can be requested by an authorized staff member per these instructions

All other problems with the card reader should be directed to Reprographic Accounting Office (x6197)

Copy Machine Problems

Q:  The machine quits mid-job so I have to re-enter the override code and start again
A:  Check on the card reader to see if there is an asterisk (*) on the screen or if the "Override Code" button is not present.  If so, the reader is running offline and is shutting off due to a copy amount limit.  Please report this to the Reprographic Accounting Office

Q:  Screen says "Ensure network cables are properly connected", "DHCP error", "IP address not assigned", etc.
A:  These messages can generally be ignored.  If this seems to be causing a service disruption, please contact the Reprographic Accounting Office

Q:  Screen says to replace drum soon
A:  Please place a service call to QBS per these instructions

Q:  I'm getting streaks or spots on my copies
A:  Try cleaning the glass with glass cleaner/ alcohol and a non-abrasive paper towel/ rag.  Don't forget the narrow strip of glass to the left!  If that does not help, place a service call per these instructions

If the machine itself has become inoperable, there are frequent jams, or for any other problems please place a service call per these instructions

Coin Unit Problems

A few copiers have an attached coin unit that accepts cash.  If it says it is low on change or for any problems at all, please contact the Reprographic Accounting Office.