Using Card Readers

To make copies that charge back to a budget, follow the instructions for your reader keeping the following in mind:

  • If using a dept copy card, use the 1234 override code
  • If using your ID card, you must have a copying privilege assigned before you can proceed
  • ID cards can have up to 2 copying privileges that charge to different budgets- be sure you are using the correct override code for each one!
    How do I know which code to use?

MF4100 Reader

  1. Ignore on-screen instructions
  2. Press the blue "Overrride Code" button on-screen
  3. Enter 1-2-3-4 OR 3-4-5-6
  4. Press "OK"
  5. Swipe your card (tap or swipe an ID)
  6. Don't forget to press "Done" when finished!