Seattle University Mailing Services

Mailing Tips

  1. Our metering machines can handle both nested and un-nested regular #10 envelopes. However, all invitation envelopes must be nested.



    MailingTipsCorrect mailingtipsIncorrect

  2. To expedite mail processing, please separate outgoing mail into three groups:

    Campus mail
    Stamped mail
    Mail to be metered
    ***Please rubber band each group.*** -- we will provide rubber bands if needed!
  3. Clearly address interoffice envelopes by including the first and last name and the department.
    When using previously used envelopes, please be sure to cross out all old delivery information.This will help ensure proper delivery of interoffice mail. 
  4. Use Bulk Mail when mailing 200 or more pieces. 
  5. Use postcards for short messages or announcements. Postcard cost .34 each as company compared to .49 for a stamped envelope or .48 for a metered envelope. International postcards will go out at the same rate as an international letter, however.
  6. Screen your mailing list for unnecessary names. 
  7. Fold multi-page material and send it in a #10 envelope to save the extra weight and postage of a large "flat." 
  8. Request Library and Media mail as much as possible. 
  9. To ensure proper departmental chargeback, please include the budget number on the first envelope in each bundle. 
  10. When you have a large mailing or oversized boxes, please alert Mailing Services by sending an email. This will allow us to make appropriate arrangements for pick-up.