Registrar and Operations
Admission and Transfer Credit Handling


  • Once a student has left Seattle University, or is inactive four consecutive quarters, they will be withdrawn from university. If a student wishes to return to Seattle University, they must be readmitted. To begin the readmission process, please fill out the Readmission Application and follow the instructions on the form.  

     Readmit 08/2014

    As one packet, please send the following:

    • Readmission Application 
    • Transcripts from schools you attended after Seattle University 
    • A one page double-spaced personal statement explaining why you would like to be readmitted to Seattle University  
    Please send the entire packet to:  
    Seattle University Office of the Registrar & Operations 
    Attn: Registration Representative
    901 12th Avenue
    Seattle, WA, 98122   

    Completed readmit applications must be postmarked by the following dates:
    Winter Quarter..........November 1
    Spring Quarter...........January 15
    Summer Quarter........May 1
    Fall Quarter ...............August 1

    This application only applies to undergraduate students who are seeking readmission. Graduate students must go through Graduate Admissions, they can be reached at 206-220-8010 or   

    For more information on Readmission requirements please view our Readmission Requirements Policy (76-10).

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